The Purposeful Collective

We collaborate to shape a world in which people have the knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to identify their unique purpose and ways to activate it.
So that we can all can lead meaningful lives, thereby contributing to cultivating flourishing communities, organizations, and a thriving planet: Me to We to the World.


As the founding members of The Purposeful Collective, we have spent over 40 years developing the insights, frameworks, tools, and community to help every person discover their purpose and ways to activate it in their work and life.
We are open sourcing these resources to catalyze the #Purpose4All movement so we can build healthy, fair, inclusive, and regenerative teams, organizations, and communities for shared success in the 21st Century.

See below for upcoming events, and recordings of past events. Share with friends and let us know what you think!

#purpose4all launch

#Purpose4All Kickoff Event

#Purpose4All Tools & Insights

The Activator Course is now closed. Join the #purpose4all #iseeyou campaign at and stay tuned for future eLearning offerings.

#Purpose4All Tools & Insights

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Power of Purpose Conversation


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Or email to join us as an ally, alongside #GivingTuesdayNow and other supporters of being purposeful as a way to contribute to a better future.

#purpose4all launch

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Sanford C. Bernstein Center for Leadership and Ethics


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